The rooms

Periodo 1 (Settembre - Giugno)

Singola €35/€40

Doppia €60/€70

Periodo 2 (Luglio - Agosto)

Singola €40

Doppia €70


Room One

The rooms made available by Villa 1010 for the stay of its guests, are obtained in the depandance of the main residence. The structure as the furniture are of recent construction.


Camera Due

All rooms are equipped with every primary convenience for everyday life: fridge, TV, independent air conditioning. You can use a common room with a wide view of the garden.


Camera Tre

Each room has its own character that we have identified in a color. This is reflected in the furnishings in the elements that compose it. Guests will have the opportunity to choose the one that suits them best. Each room will still give you great hospitality.